Daytime Playtime is an Early Childhood Tutoring and Test Prep Center.

We help children 0-6 years catch up or get ahead of the curve by teaching through play and providing parent education.

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Early  Childhood 
Education is Key!

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Online Courses

Are you constantly running around from activity to activity and unable to make it to our center for classes? Have no fear because our online courses are here! We make learning on the go FUN!



We offer weekly classes to improve your child's language and literacy skills.  These include Baby & Me, PreK Prep, Kindergarten Readiness/Magnet Prep, and Kindergarten Reading. We also offer special camps and events such as Juneteenth celebrations and MORE!



We invite you to book an assessment to see where your child is scoring academically compared to others. These tests are perfect for kindergarten magnet testing and overall kindergarten readiness. 

What is Daytime 

Feeling overwhelmed with preparing for kindergarten testing?

We administer standardized assessments for ages 3-6 for you to see how your child is currently performing academically. Then, we review your child's scores and provide consultation on skills to be improved. 

VALUABLE BONUS: You get to watch the beginning of testing, so you can see how your child answers questions and interacts with an unfamiliar adult.

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Start the 5 step program towards success

Our Kindergarten Readiness/Magnet Prep program has had a 100% acceptance rate for those who completed it for the last 3 years!

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My name is Shannon Ali, M.A., CCC-SLP. I started Daytime Playtime in 2020 when I noticed the need for more language, literacy, and kindergarten readiness skills in our area. With my background as a speech-language pathologist and certified teacher, I knew the importance of involving a child's parents in early childhood education. While I now have other amazing teachers leading our classes at DTPT, I host a FREE podcast called Keys to Kindergarten Readiness where I teach parents how to raise smart, independent preschoolers who love Jesus.  Check it out below!

Hey Parents!


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How to Teach Your Preschooler to Rhyme


Stop Teaching Sight Words: Do This Instead!


Why it might be your fault your child isn’t learning how to read and how to correct it FAST!


The Truth About Screen Time: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly and How You Can Control It: 

How to Teach Quick, Fun Devotions to Your Preschooler

We attended the Magnet Test camp and she was so detailed and helped my daughter Mya to prepare for the test. Mya just got into her top choice. Definitely one of best rewarding experiences so far. I highly recommend the Daytime Playtime to everyone.

Dr. Han Shi

Dr. Han Shi

Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Shannon and her staff have been angels! We followed the plan/suggestions they made during the summer that included individual sessions, group sessions, and watching Mrs. Shannon’s awesome YouTube videos. My son’s school was very impressed with his progress in such a short amount of time! 

Jessica Smith, MSW, LCSW

Parent Testimonials

Daytime Playtime has been such a blessing to my family! They have invested so much love and energy into helping children learn and grow and they are truly an asset to our community! 

Leslie Monaco, Relator

Parent Testimonials

We LOVE Shannon and Daytime Playtime! When your child looks forward to learning, you know you’re in the right place!

Heather Stough

Parent Testimonials





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