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Our mission is to glorify God by developing young minds to reach their full potential in language and literacy. We do this by teaching through play and by providing resources to parents that enable them to learn together. 

We work to help children build a solid foundation in learning by providing high quality, engaging lessons, so they can excel to reach their full potential. 

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Daytime Playtime was founded by certified teacher and speech-language pathologist Shannon Ali, M.A., CCC-SLP in 2020.

Over the lockdown, Shannon began teaching her preschool children at home. She taught her then 3 year old son Isaiah to read, but it wasn't easy at first. Isaiah knew his letters and sounds, but he still struggled to read words. She was able to teach him phonological awareness skills and blending, and now he began reading 3 years ahead of his age level.

As a teacher in Caddo Parish for 6 years, Shannon taught middle and high school students who struggled to read. It was heartbreaking to her that these kids were just being pushed through to the next grade without the skills they needed to be successful. in 2021, Shannon taught Entrepreneurship II at Woodlawn Leadership Academy. She decided that since she was teaching Entrepreneurship that it was important for her to actually be an entrepreneur. Deep down, she felt it was God pushing her to go for it. Shannon stepped out on faith and started offering private literacy sessions out of the playroom in her house. Parents loved that they were able to watch the sessions via monitor and were also able to be coached on what to do at home during the last 5 minutes of the sessions. Shannon started creating Nearpod lessons and making video lessons for her students to use to practice in between sessions, and the results were phenomenal. Students were testing into magnet and gifted programs in the parish. They were starting to read early and developing a life long love of learning. Families were spending more quality time together completing the lessons and were also able to practice educational skills even when they were on the go.

​Shannon believes Daytime Playtime is her ministry to promote literacy skills and education to the masses in a fun way. She desires for instruction to be high quality and easily accessible to all parents and children regardless of income level. She also enjoys teaching Christian values, Black History, and language skills. Shannon loves creating videos and providing edutainment (education & entertainment) to children across the world!

What parents are saying

"Lively, Energetic, Patient, and Encouraging"

- Darcy Mcdonald -

We absolutely love daytime playtime, highly recommend to anyone looking to boost and encourage your child’s learning path. The staff members are lively, energetic, patient, and encouraging to both the children and parents. We look forward to going to class every week, we have a tough time getting our daughter to leave. 😊

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